9 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Are you looking for motivation to help you lose weight? How does a cash prize sound? We're starting a 9-week weight loss competition on October 14th. Each participant pays a $10 entry fee and the person who loses the most weight (measured as a percentage of their starting weight) receives the whole pot. If 20 or more entries are received, the top 3 losers split the prize instead. (50%/30%/20%)

You weigh in by texting your weight to an automated system, and other participants will see your progress as percentage lost. When the competition starts, you'll receive a text message from the system, and every week you'll get reminders to weigh in. Simply text your weight in pounds (decimals allowed) to that number and the system will do the rest. You must weigh in within the first week, and at least once every other week thereafter. Failure to weigh in during the first week, or for two entire consecutive calendar weeks will result in expulsion from the contest and forfeiture of your entry fee. It's important to participate for your own motiviation as well as that of the other contestants.

To enter, send $10 to https://paypal.me/pools/c/88eEo0tsFC. If you're paying for multiple entries, send $10 per person. In the note include the name and cell phone number of each entry. This phone number will be used for your weigh-ins and reminders, standard carrier rates apply for text messages. Final weigh-ins must be entered by 11:59 PM EST on December 16th. Photographic evidence of your first and last weigh-ins are required to claim a prize, and may be sent to either of the contest administrators; Jamie Henderson or Zeus Brown.

The more people who enter, the bigger the prize, so tell your friends!